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We wish that you simply Merry Christmas... And a Happy New Year!12 July 2018
When 2016 was almost over, there seemed to be a lot of uncertainty inside our server. The community was shrinking in size, and folks was claiming for essential changes and new stuff to do. Some we might almost say lost any hope...

But regardless, we faced the obstacles together. 2017 was obviously a wonderful surprise: plenty of newcomers and coming-back players, plenty of new content and things to complete. Even custom changes that Aura Kingdom Gold for sale individuals didn't know how a community will interact to, that appeared as a truly success.

This year has gotten us more together than ever before, as is also safe to say we are around for many people more years. But this is not the work of a single person: it does not take result of the trouble and struggle of everyone that was and still is here now. It's the combine strength of each and every player and staff member, and now we couldn't thanks a lot enough for all you give.

Every time you assist us test interesting things and join us in new adventures, each time you push us to get better, anytime you offer us your laughs and in many cases your complains, we learn therefore we cherish.

If there is a new resolution for the coming year, is that individuals continue growing and learning. So we couldn't end the season without giving all of our gratitude to everyone which makes this possible: to everyone behind the curtains, also to Aura Kingdom Gold every player that have confidence in us.
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