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How to actively participate in social media

Posted on 5 September 2018 at 12:53 PM

How to actively participate in social media without wasting all of your time

As many of you know, running social media campaigns can be difficult and time consuming. In a few days you forgot to post content on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. There are other moments when you don't see anyone needing immediate attention to your business reviews.

Some companies hire social media experts or managers to monitor their social presence and branding. However, many small companies are unable to do so due to lack of funds or other reasons. Because of this, many times the boss will take the role of social media and forget about it because he is busy running a company, or the intern will take over the company in a short period of time. The list can go on, but most importantly, your chances of being on social media and improving can be great.

Fortunately, we've compiled a list of useful points on how to stay active on your lighting wholesaler social media account without having to spend all of your time on Facebook and other social platforms.


There are many programs that can schedule future posts on social media platforms. Many of us have heard of companies like Hootsuite or Klout, and the posts are easier than ever. Many of these programs will recommend new content based on your business and interests. This can also help you reduce the time spent looking for quality, shareable content.

Programs like Klout have a reporting tool that can help you monitor the impact of social media and let you know your position. Some are very basic, like Klout is free, or others may spend money, but depending on your location may be what you need.

Users do not have a larger shutdown than dormant social media accounts that do not produce good content. To illustrate the importance of frequency in publishing, let's take a look at some of the business examples that Doba has recently interacted with.

At Doba, we like food, especially food trucks! They are delicious and interesting. The only problem with food trucks is knowing where they are and what they are doing.

The first example is the delicious Mexican burritos company. They have some very unique and delicious burritos and there are enough varieties to make anyone happy. However, today is June 17th instead of April 19. Where have they been, where is the delicious truck? ! Don't let your fans hang up! Make sure to provide them with information and promotions that help increase followers and social interactions, not to mention paid customers.

The next example is new, but it is a good example of trying to stay up-to-date and active on Twitter. As you can see, posts are more fluid, interactive, and relevant to their fan base. You know where their trucks are and can buy some delicious Filipino food. Masarap!

Monitor your mention

This can determine your social media account. If your customers are not satisfied with your service and then let the world know about their negative experiences, then you control the situation. If you are not careful, these may slip down your nose and may damage your audience's reputation. Programs like Mention.net can help you monitor these channels and keep you updated with alerts.

Even if you can't solve negative reviews, many people will appreciate these efforts and continue to support your company despite negative comments.

One of my favorite foods is barbecue. Nothing is better than getting a good chest or rib. I will say that this is one of the weaknesses in my life, but I am not embarrassed by this.

This is an example of a company that has not received negative comments but is more or less neutral. The company believes this is a negative impact and does what they need to do in order to take back my business and win back customers.

Although there is a year between review and response, I am grateful to try to return to the restaurant and give them a try. I knew they might not have monitored their social media at the time, but because they tried to fix some fences. This will earn you some fans and increase your loyalty.

Use programs such as Mention, Text Walker, Fresh Web Explorer and Google Alerts to monitor these types of comments and protect your brand with dignity and honor... and ribs.

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