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Queen of Prints fashion designer revealed as her clothing brand closes

Posted on 20 September 2018 at 09:39 AM

Despite being a designer favourite of the likes of Kate Middleton, Alexa Chung and Sarah Jessica Parker, Orla Kielys retail empire has collapsed, ceased trading and staff were escorted out of the building after being told that they were being made redundant.

Orla Kiely announced that she had closed both her online and retail businesses in Kildare and London with immediate effect, despite the £8 million brand being known for its distinctive floral-based designs, set up in 1995 with her husband Dermott.

However, a small selection of products designed by the Queen of Prints will continue to be sold in department stores such as Debenhams and John Lewis, but shops in Chelsea, Covent Garden and New York City will be closed.

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Orla Kiely collapse

It was announced on September 19 that Orla Kielys empire had collapsed and had stopped trading immediately, with workers being escorted out of the building moments after being told that they were being redundant.

Orla announced that she has closed both her online and retail businesses in Kildare and London and the £8 million brands stores in Chelsea, Covent Garden and New York City have also been shut down. A source said said: 'It wasn't sent out in an official email or anything but was spread through word of mouth.

'Around lunchtime we were all called together where the CEO told us we were all out of a job. We're paid on the 27th of each month and we were told the company can't pay us for the past three weeks and we'd have to try and file for redundancy.

The company source said: Some people just burst straight into tears. Chief designers just grabbed their bags and walked straight out without saying anything. We were then escorted out of the building.

None of us saw this coming. They closed off the website the other week and said there was an issue with the payment gateway. But they must have known what was going on. Now I'm struggling to find the money to pay the rent. People were just crying in the pub. It's devastating.'

According to the Irish Times, a statement from the Orla Kiely company revealed that the directors of Kiely Rowan Plc have concluded that the business should enter voluntary liquidation following various challenges that have faced the company over the past few years, both in the UK and abroad.

Alongside this, a message on the website read: Kiely Rowan Plc, the retail and wholesale fashion business of Orla Kiely, has ceased trading as of Monday 17 September 2018. This means our retail stores in London and Kildare and our online business have been closed.

'We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Orla Kiely's Home and Design licensing business will not be impacted, and its selection of accessories and homewares will continue to be sold through its distribution partners. Thank you for embracing our brand and designs throughout the years and for your ongoing support. Orla, Dermott and the Team.'

How to find a drop shipper worldwide

Posted on 18 September 2018 at 12:09 PM

Drop shipping is become one of the hottest topic in the e-commerce market, it requires lower capital requirement and inventory pressure which is welcomed by most of online retailers. Therefore, drop shipper is the parties that providing merchandises and products for retailers who want to do drop shipping business. It is believe that drop shippers should have a large number of merchandises in the stock for supplying, and trustable logistic services. In this post, Im gonna introduce Chinabrands as example to evaluate what is a reliable drop shipper.

What is a reliable drop shipper?

As we know that there are a bunch of global best dropshippers from the world, and it should require retailers to have a standard for the drop shipper evaluation. In this part, Im gonna introduce Chinabrands as example to make a brief comparison with ordinary drop shippers, in order to shows how to select a reliable drop shipper.


a. Large number of products in the stock for selling. It is believe that a large number of products in the stock for selling is the key for retailers to make profits for drop shipping business. Drop shippers should make sure that all the products selling online are in the stock, that should be helpful for strengthen the store or brand images among end-customers. Moreover, the large number of products also allows end-customers to make a wider range of consumption.

b. Multiple choices for safely logistic services. As we know that logistic is one the most important part for product delivery. Moreover, multiple choices provided by drop shipper should be much more quicker and effective for delivering products for end-customers.


c. Training courses. Most of drop shippers is able to provide free training courses for their members such as store statistics analysis, store promotion and advertisement. Moreover, they also provide drop shipping guidebooks for members to figure out how to do drop shipping business worldwide. A reliable drop shippers should provides available helps for their members, but not only providing merchandises or products.

d. Technical support. It is possible to understand that technical support is also a significant factor for evaluate a drop shipper if is worth cooperate with or not. A reliable drop shipper should provides strong technical supports to their members as much as possible because it can help a lot to do daily operation.


a. Lower profit margin. As we know that the profit margin is quite low by compared to other business model, even it has lower costs requirement. Therefore, retailers need to figure out how to increase the sales which can deal with the lower profit margin.

b. Poor communication between retailers and end-customers. As we know that jewelry dropshippers usa should carry the order fulfillment instead of retailers, which means retailers may have not chances to directly communicate with their customers. It is not good for retailers to collect any feedback or suggestion from end-customers, and also negative for business improvement.

choosing an e-commerce platform

Posted on 14 September 2018 at 11:29 AM

5 things to watch out for when choosing an e-commerce platform

If you want to launch your first online store, or are looking for a new platform that better meets your store's needs, check out the following factors that can play a key role in the short and long term for your business success.

Do they have the features you need and want?

Running an online store is a tedious task, but it's even harder if you don't have the tools and features you're ready to use.

Numerous platforms are proud to offer some of the best and most advanced tools for e-commerce, but in practice they are rarely included in low-cost programs. Choose a package that includes all the features you need and wants to buy at a price you can afford.

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Do they support your preferred payment gateway?

Choosing a payment gateway for an online store is one of the first and most important steps in launching an online store. Do you want to accept payments via Paypal, Authorize, Sage Pay or perhaps a little-known gateway?

Hundreds of payment solutions have emerged in recent years, but few platforms are available. If you prefer a specific gateway, make sure that the platform you are exploring provides easy integration.

Do they have all kinds of beautiful themes?

The design of your online store will play an important role in the success of your business. An appealing design that instills a sense of trustworthiness, style and professionalism can quickly turn the browser into a shopper, like an unattractive design that promotes fear, suspicion and strolling.

Many of today's platforms offer a limited number of free themes, a variety of paid themes and/or packages that offer unique custom designs. Make sure that the platform you are considering can provide you with the theme that best fits your unique brand, style and budget.

Is there any extra cost?

Many e-commerce platforms offer lower monthly rates, which only result in huge installation fees, transaction fees and, in some cases, cancellation fees for their merchants, which can significantly reduce a company's profitability. When you use its payment gateway through an external gateway, a few platforms offer reduced transaction costs, while other platforms charge a flat fee.

Find out if the platform you are considering needs to charge an extra fee for your preferred gateway, or if there are any hidden costs that may bother you again.

Is it safe, reliable and scalable?

Security, reliability and scalability are the three most important factors that affect the success of an online store. Sensitive customer information will be stored or processed through your store, and it is always important to be safe and reliable. To ensure that your store and customers are not compromised, please consider only PCI-compliant platforms.

Also, look for a platform that provides reliable hosting and scalability. Regardless of peak hours, busy holidays or traffic surges, customers must be able to access the online store at any time. Platforms that cannot be delivered in this area will lead to frustrated visitors and countless sales losses.

Start searching

Choosing an e-commerce platform can seem like a daunting task, but if you know what you need and what you wholesale baby onesies want, you may immediately notice that your candidate base has shrunk. Use the many free trials of e-commerce to understand the platform you are considering. Working with an e-commerce platform is a major commitment, and you can help yourself and your business by thoroughly exploring and researching the available options.

How dropshipping can help you test the market

Posted on 12 September 2018 at 10:52 AM

Success in the retail industry today is not easy. The 5-year success rate of the retail business is currently between 40-45%. If you want to achieve this in the retail industry, you must continue to grow your business. This is where dropshipping can help. This article will cover what is dropshipping, how it can help your business, and some use cases. let's start!

What is dropshipping and how does it help?

Direct sales is a way to implement a product, and the supplier delivers the product directly to the customer, without the need for the retailer to store the product in a warehouse. This model greatly reduces the risk of inventory costs. It also enables retailers to spend more time and money on marketing and analyzing sales of new products.

For most retailers, the introduction of a new product usually means storing a large number of products in a warehouse without guaranteeing that the product will actually be sold. This is why market testing is so important to retailers. Measuring the consumer's interest in the product you want to sell is invaluable when trying to diversify the product range. Untested products can end up causing considerable losses to the company.

The only real investment for retailers when using direct sales to test the market is time. Listing new products online, marketing through social media and other channels, and analyzing sales data is still a very cheap investment compared to the cost of purchasing and stocking products that are not guaranteed to be sold.

Even large retailers use direct sales models

Even vertically integrated brand retailers can take advantage of direct sales. Take a look at Apple. They acquired Beats and sold Nest products in their Apple stores, effectively introducing long tail products into their product lineup while gaining valuable sales data.

Dropshipping applies to all lifecycles of a product. First, measuring an interest in a more niche product can be difficult, but if the sale takes off, your company can always choose to move to the internal inventory of the product. After the product peaks and demand is not high, you can go back to the target inventory location to take full advantage of the remaining viability of the product without being burdened by large warehouse inventory.

Seasonal products are good direct sales projects

Seasonal products are also a great option for direct downloads. Christmas lights, Halloween decorations and fireworks sell well at some point during the year, but it is not wise to keep it at hand throughout the year. Dropshipping allows you to monetize without taking up storage space.

The Dropshipping model also enables retailers to add more long tail projects to their catalogs, increasing the variety of products without the risk of products that lack sustained high demand.

There are some drawbacks - you can't control the fulfillment directly, you can't personalize the product according to your needs, and the inevitable supplier problem. However, these shortcomings are much better and cheaper than the cost of accepting new untested products, and the issues that need to be addressed.

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Social media marketing programs

Posted on 10 September 2018 at 12:14 PM

Why new online retailers need social media marketing programs

It all starts with understanding social media.

There are more than 1 billion people on Facebook. 302 million people actively use Twitter. Instagram has attracted 300 million users. Today, everyone is on social media, and these large user communities offer companies a unique opportunity to bring traffic directly to their websites.

For new and just-in-time online retailers, social media offers many unique ways to get attention. You can sign up for free and start connecting with potential customers. This gives you direct access to huge potential traffic flows.

According to HubSpot, 80% of marketers said their social media work led to an increase in their website traffic. This is a traffic flow that no business, especially a new online retailer, can afford.

Jayson DeMers explains this very clearly in a Forbes article.

If you dont have social media, your inbound traffic is limited to people who are already familiar with your brand and individuals who search for the keywords you currently rank. Each social media feed you add is another way to your cheap clothing websites.

It should now be obvious that your online store will not be able to do well without active social media. But since you already understand why social media is so important, it's much easier to create an effective social media marketing plan.

So where do I start?

There are four main steps in developing a social media marketing plan.

Create your account

If you haven't already, create your social media account. You definitely want to set up Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts. Google+ wont receive it near Twitter or Facebook traffic, but its important to have SEO usage.

If the product you are selling is visually appealing - or used in a beautiful environment, such as outdoor activities - then create an account on Instagram to keep your business name on Instagram. Most outdoor apparel and equipment companies will use Instagram to share photos of the equipment they wear or use on site. This is a good way to encourage some brand recognition.

Identify your strategy and goals

Defining how you will use each social media platform and the results you want to see from social media work will help keep your social media posted properly.

For example, if your only concern is to increase brand awareness, not necessarily trying to attract potential customers from social media, then you may want to focus more on interaction, forwarding, like, and sharing. You can set goals for each statistic every week to increase recognition of your site and store.

Conversely, if your goal is to drive potential customers to your site, you'll be more focused on tracking conversion rates, generated leads, and website traffic through web analytics software. No matter what you want from social media, you need to consider your goals to measure your productivity.

See what others are doing

Once your goals are clearly defined, you should look at what other companies in your niche market have done on social media. What type of content do they share? How do they interact with followers? How active are they?

Although you certainly don't want to copy anyone else, the successful company in your niche has a reason to succeed. Determining the type of content that best suits your potential niche market will increase the efficiency of your own social media efforts, especially if you're getting your attention as early as possible.

Create a calendar

Quality is as important as quantity. While you really want to publish content and interact with customers on a regular basis, when youre always providing interesting content, youll build your audience.

Schedule your posts in advance and spend some time ensuring that the language of the post meets the requirements and promotes participation. If you're writing a blog, be sure to plan a social media post when you post a t shirt drop shipping blog post.

The rule of thumb for social media is that you post more frequently on Twitter than any other network - 5-14 times a day, depending on what you have to share. Facebook posts can only be sent 1-2 times a day, and the rule also applies to Google+.

Good social media is an important part of a successful online store. As with any plan, you need to check your social media marketing plan regularly to make sure you meet your goals. If you feel that you need to change, don't be afraid to adjust part of the plan, but don't be impatient. Building a lucrative social media will take time and you need long-term investment.

How to actively participate in social media

Posted on 5 September 2018 at 12:53 PM

How to actively participate in social media without wasting all of your time

As many of you know, running social media campaigns can be difficult and time consuming. In a few days you forgot to post content on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. There are other moments when you don't see anyone needing immediate attention to your business reviews.

Some companies hire social media experts or managers to monitor their social presence and branding. However, many small companies are unable to do so due to lack of funds or other reasons. Because of this, many times the boss will take the role of social media and forget about it because he is busy running a company, or the intern will take over the company in a short period of time. The list can go on, but most importantly, your chances of being on social media and improving can be great.

Fortunately, we've compiled a list of useful points on how to stay active on your lighting wholesaler social media account without having to spend all of your time on Facebook and other social platforms.


There are many programs that can schedule future posts on social media platforms. Many of us have heard of companies like Hootsuite or Klout, and the posts are easier than ever. Many of these programs will recommend new content based on your business and interests. This can also help you reduce the time spent looking for quality, shareable content.

Programs like Klout have a reporting tool that can help you monitor the impact of social media and let you know your position. Some are very basic, like Klout is free, or others may spend money, but depending on your location may be what you need.

Users do not have a larger shutdown than dormant social media accounts that do not produce good content. To illustrate the importance of frequency in publishing, let's take a look at some of the business examples that Doba has recently interacted with.

At Doba, we like food, especially food trucks! They are delicious and interesting. The only problem with food trucks is knowing where they are and what they are doing.

The first example is the delicious Mexican burritos company. They have some very unique and delicious burritos and there are enough varieties to make anyone happy. However, today is June 17th instead of April 19. Where have they been, where is the delicious truck? ! Don't let your fans hang up! Make sure to provide them with information and promotions that help increase followers and social interactions, not to mention paid customers.

The next example is new, but it is a good example of trying to stay up-to-date and active on Twitter. As you can see, posts are more fluid, interactive, and relevant to their fan base. You know where their trucks are and can buy some delicious Filipino food. Masarap!

Monitor your mention

This can determine your social media account. If your customers are not satisfied with your service and then let the world know about their negative experiences, then you control the situation. If you are not careful, these may slip down your nose and may damage your audience's reputation. Programs like Mention.net can help you monitor these channels and keep you updated with alerts.

Even if you can't solve negative reviews, many people will appreciate these efforts and continue to support your company despite negative comments.

One of my favorite foods is barbecue. Nothing is better than getting a good chest or rib. I will say that this is one of the weaknesses in my life, but I am not embarrassed by this.

This is an example of a company that has not received negative comments but is more or less neutral. The company believes this is a negative impact and does what they need to do in order to take back my business and win back customers.

Although there is a year between review and response, I am grateful to try to return to the restaurant and give them a try. I knew they might not have monitored their social media at the time, but because they tried to fix some fences. This will earn you some fans and increase your loyalty.

Use programs such as Mention, Text Walker, Fresh Web Explorer and Google Alerts to monitor these types of comments and protect your brand with dignity and honor... and ribs.

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Facebook marketing costs and tips

Posted on 30 August 2018 at 11:45 AM

If you are not on Facebook today and you are a business, then you have lost many opportunities to promote your brand and acquire new prospects and customers. What is your Facebook marketing cost? If you are selling a product or service, then you must be on Facebook, no problem! With our explanation of your Facebook marketing costs, you can more easily maximize your advertising results on this site than ever before.

But not all cut and dry. There are many different factors that can affect your marketing costs on Facebook. This is the focus of this article, you will learn each specific aspect of it!

Because of how many people use Facebook and its popularity, your brand needs to be promoted on this social media site. Here's all you need to know about Facebook's marketing costs.

How does Facebook marketing work?

Everyone has heard of using Facebook to market their business, but not everyone knows how to use this process very well, so let's talk about the basics of the bidding process. On Facebook, any business that wants to advertise its products or services must buy an ad... almost as if it were at an auction.

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It works as follows: You can determine how much you want to pay for a Facebook ad by managing Facebook ads in Facebook's pricing and bidding area. Or, if you give up this opportunity, Facebook will calculate the bid on your behalf based on two factors:

How long do you need to advertise?

Your budget

This is an important note about the length of time you advertise. You shouldnt advertise for a long time because your audience may experience ad fatigue and start adjusting your ads for granted. This obviously has a negative impact on conversions. We recommend that you keep an eye on the daily frequency of ad impressions. The higher the number, the more likely your audience will feel tired. A good rule of thumb is one to two weeks, top.

Keep in mind that Facebook can't use the traditional mode to give you ads based on the amount you set for your ads. Because the site is very popular, you need to compete with other advertisers who also want to show ads on the site. In the user's news source, there are many other advertisers who want this coveted ad space. Therefore, Facebook limits the number of ads users will see, all in order to make this ad space more like an advertiser like you.

Factors that affect your Facebook marketing costs

It must be emphasized that your Facebook marketing costs do not actually have a fixed amount. That's because various factors change the amount you pay at any given time.

Let us introduce some of the most influential factors.

The first is audience targeting. It's getting more complicated: your audience will not only affect your payments, but also your audience, which will affect the cost you pay! Keep this in mind: you not only compete with people in the industry, but also with people in other industries whose target audience is specific to your audience.

For example, if you sell pet food and your audience likes to read and network, these features can be targeted by other advertisers, such as the auto parts industry.

In Facebook ad auctions, the only way you can stand out from the competition is to create high-quality ads and rely on factors other than the audience itself.

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Choosing a Dropshipping Niche

Posted on 28 August 2018 at 11:25 AM

Evaluating the dropshipping niche from the point of view of SEO: Google Keyword planner

So where do we start analyzing the niche regarding its SEO perspectives? No doubt the first step is keywords analysis. Every niche name in fact is a keyword. Therefore, first of all you need to estimate the amount of searches for this keyword in Google (and for those that sound alike). You can do it with Google Keyword planner tool.

The algorithm is the following:

1. Sign in to your Google account and open the Keyword planner;

2. Among the options choose Search for new keywords;

Choosing a Dropshipping Niche: Google Keyword Planner

3. In the dropdown field enter the name of your dropshipping niche, for example wholesale hats and press Get ideas button at the bottom;

4. You will get the list of keywords that are related to this niche with approximate amount of searches in Google for them. By defaults the date range is 12 months, you can set your own range on the left sidebar.

5. So dogs collars has between 10K and 100K searches which is perfect result for the dropshipping niche it has some demand but it doesnt exceed the sensible limits. If there are more than 100K searches, the niche is too wide and the competition there will be simply monstrous. If there are less than 5K searches skip to the next niche option, this one probably has neither competition nor profit.

We personally rate the results the following way:

If there are 5K-50K searches, the score we assign to this dropshipping niche is 5* since its perfect in terms of competition;

For 50K-100K the score is 4* the competition is great, but there still might be place for you;

For ≤ 5K searches the score is 3* the niche is all yours, but theres no profit in it;

For ≥ 100K the score is 2* the competition is too high, no chances to win.

You can see that Google Keyword planner has only 3 ranges, therefore we advise you to look through the list of related keywords it provides you along with for your query. If there are a lot of keywords with 10-100K searches, it is probably between 50-100K in our scale, if there are mostly 1-10K, it is closer to 5K-50K in our scale.

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How to Make More Money

Posted on 24 August 2018 at 10:22 AM

It seems that every adult has such feelings, with the development of economy. The children's lives have now undergone tremendous changes compared with their childhood. It can be said that current children have been filled with toys of various kinds since childhood. Driven by the children's economy, toy companies, toy dropshipper and entrepreneur have ushered an opportunity of dropshipping toys.


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Now the mainstream consumer groups are already the young people, their economic conditions, educational level, and concept of consumption are very different from those of the previous generation. They are more concerned with the quality of accompanying children. So what kind of market is in need? Will there be new opportunities in this market?

The news has said that the world largest ToysRUs is in US. Although in the past two years the e-commerce has a great impact in ToysRUs, this does not prevent the US from being a large consumer of toys. However, recently Toy R Us was closed. This will inevitably greatly increase the sales of toys by e-commerce. Toy dropshippers can not miss this opportunity.

Who is the manufacture of toy wholesale distributors?

The first fact we need to know is that China is the largest toy producer in the world and the largest toy exporter in the world.

The toy market has strong growth in emerging countries. In particular, represented by the markets of China, Russia, Brazil, and the Middle East, the average average growth rate exceeds 10%. if you find products from China, you will save a lot. You need not worry the quality in Chinabrands, their suppliers are all verified by customers.

Establish an all-around marketing strategy

Posted on 22 August 2018 at 10:29 AM

After targeting the right target consumer groups, we can formulate corresponding marketing strategies. In addition to the traditional marketing idea, the marketing strategy should also take into account the culture, customs and regional differences of living habits in the Middle East. For example, most of the native speakers in the Middle East are Arabic. In the United Arab Emirates, 70% of people speak English everyday, while Saudi Arabia is only 30%. Therefore, when advertising, English and Arabic needed to synchronize.

After targeting the right target consumer groups, we can formulate corresponding marketing dropshipping websites strategies. In addition to the traditional marketing idea, the marketing strategy should also take into account the culture, customs and regional differences of living habits in the Middle East. For example, most of the native speakers in the Middle East are Arabic. In the United Arab Emirates, 70% of people speak English everyday, while Saudi Arabia is only 30%. Therefore, when advertising, English and Arabic needed to synchronize.


In addition, the traditional marketing strategy should also follow up, suck like promote sales and increase exposure with holidays. The Non muslim local festivals, such as Ramadan, Christmas and Easter, may not have a significant marketing effect, but holiday like Eid al-Fitr as the local Festival is a good oppoturity. Sellers should seize the time, increase the promotion, and push the Persian style goods. Using people's psychology to celebrate festivals, advertisements should also be timely and appealing

Finally, the survey found that the consumers in the Middle East are generally more smart and more sensitive to the price, so the marketing strategy of the seller is suitable for the price war under the premise of guaranteeing the quality. The price is positioned at the mid-lower leve. To sell daily necessities, home accessories,clothing and electronic products. Ensure the consistency of online and offline merchandise. Youd better register local trademarks so that buyers have more trust in order to win the repeat customers

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Finally, a survey of consumer psychology in the Middle East based on Adxmi,the consumers in the Middle East are generally more smart and more sensitive to the price, so the marketing strategy of the seller is suitable for the price war under the premise of guaranteeing the quality.

Drop Ship Blog From Chinabrands

Posted on 20 June 2018 at 10:27 AM

Drop Ship Blog From Chinabrands

blog 1.jpg

Chinabrands Blog is the official blog from Chinabrands. Chinabrands blog will serve as an official magazine or news platform to inform you about the latest trends in drop shipping, e-commerce or the newest features of Chinabrands. In here you will find the latest market trends about dropshipper and unique guys about Online Marketing and SEO to make your business grow faster than any other competitor.

Join the discussion and learn about how to build a proper e-commerce and benefit from Dropshipping with Chinabrands. Talk with other e-commerce owners from around the world. Discover the new trends in dropshipping and get to know more about the daily life of dropshippers and product suppliers.

Participate in our official blog and leave your comments or suggestions to improve our website, service or products. Is there something you would like to know? Need help promoting your store or any product? Do you miss any service in our platform? Just let us know! Leave your comment in the blog and our copywriters and research team will deal with your request or suggestions.

More Info: https://www.chinabrands.com/category/dropship-beauty-health-c-162.html