Samsung Galaxy Note 9 provides a longer life of the battery -- and Fortnite

Path of Exile at any PC optimization

I'm unconvinced that every the money you've used on: "They were directly to blame for the massive improvements to frame rate, client loading time, memory use, plus the introduction from the 64-bit client.

 DirectX 11 renderer and new head unit." wouldn't are actually improved should you have spent those funds on individuals fix the down sides plaguing the actual PC client.

I'm not holding my breath, and definately will Buy POE Currency of course be happy at any PC optimization that does end up in the next league and into 3.0.

 But until that truly happens, as well as much just PR talk.

The cynic inside me says the performance improvements should have already been prioritised regardless on the port version, and assigning their value on the port's existence is porky at best.

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