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What are Flashback FIFA 19 Players?

The first Flashback Player released was Atletico Madrid full-back Juanfran, who received a particular upgraded version celebrating his 2013-14 season.

This was followed up by an exclusive Mario Gotze, recounting his World Cup win in 2014.

These two initial Flashback Players got massive boosts with their ratings, causing them to be extremely desirable for FIFA 19 players, especially ones with La Liga or Bundesliga squads.

 Juanfran's overall rating jumped from 80 to Cheap FUT 19 Coins 87, in reference to his pace a more appealing 87 score.

 Gotze's boost wasn't as impressive, these days has an 87-rated version with improved stats in most aspect of the game, producing useable to be a forward or midfielder.

Juanfran's SBC dropped in mid-October while Gotze's followed up at the beginning of November, indicating that Flashback Players will likely be available every second or third Friday for the four-day limited period.

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