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Forsaken Path of Exile Masters Now Live

The Path of Exile team has tell us that the newest content expansion, Forsaken Masters, is live. The expansion brings some high octane features to your game including player towns, new crafting options, new quests, quest variants and even more.

    As per the expansion's title, players will cross paths using the seven Forsaken Masters -- seven skilled folks who were exiled to your forsaken continent of Wraeclast by Dominus, an excellent entity of corruption and tyranny.

 Each Master offers unique quests, training, mission variations, item crafting and modification options, secret and customizable towns often Buy POE Currency known as Hideouts, tiers of Hideout decorations, and much more in exchange for an Exile's help.

New Challenge Leagues, revamped boss fights, new lore, new Unique items, new skill and support gems, a PvP Spectator Mode, and a multitude of other additions were also implemented within the Forsaken Masters expansion.

Celebrates Seven Million Players

The boys in Auckland accomplish a dance of joy now, as being the player base for Path of Exile has reached in excess of seven million players. Part of this success might be attributed to a very good Taiwan launch. Grinding Gear Games launching its popular video game in Taiwan in August and registrations already number greater than a million.

For learn more of the game's overall popularity, one need take a look at its constant content updates. Its second expansion, Forsaken Masters, acquainted players with seven mysterious Masters who offered them a slew of quests, training, item mod options together with customizable towns generally known as Hideouts. Add that to its pre-existing boss fights, skill system and Challenge Leagues, and it also looks like you will have a winner.

For details about Path of Exile or its content updates, go to official Path of Exile website.
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