misli letiasie v dal

07/21/2005 -

eto stixotvorenie posvesiano bilo odnomu celoveku s kotorim ja rastalas ocen zlobno paru let nazad,vse ciustva k tebe po preznemu zivi,i kazdij raz tebia vstreciaja ja uveriaju sebia v odnom ja sumeju tebia zabit,a proslo ved uze 4 goda...


                             V tvoix glazah  tonula,

                             Oni slovno neobjatnij okean.

                             Grezila,k mectam menia tianulo,

                             A tit tu nitocku vzial i razorval!


                             I tiximi,malenkimi kapliami,

                             Ubegaet moja liubov k tebe.

                             I s kazdoj malenkoj kapelkoj

                             Ja teriaju vospominanie zivusie vo mne!


                             Vse ciustva na isxode,

                             I ja soboj klianus-

                             Sto tebia, tebia ja zabudu,

                             K misliam o tebe nikogda ne vernus


                             Kak skvoz dimku,v vospominanijax

                             Nazad pitajus vzglianut

                             Vot ja sciastlivaja i vesiolaja,

                             A po toj storone moja grust


                             I na zabitix fotografijax

                             Ja s trudom uznaju sebia:

                             Ciarujusiaja ulibka,

                             Blestiasie ot liubvi glaza…….


                             Gde ze ti poterilas?

                             Obratnaja storona dusi,

                             Pokinulo veselje,zabitoe

                             Ego mne nikogda ne najti!


                             I teper grustju ozarionaja

                             Ja priaciu vsegda v sebe

                             Svoi sliozi, svoi stradanija

                             Svoi mecti o tebe


                             Ledianoju metelju sogreto,

                             Serce zalostno drognulo v grudi.

                             V posledniuju minutu pered smertju,

                             Ono prinadlezalo tebe!


                       Teper vsio izmenilos;

                             Mne liubov k tebe ne nuzna,

                             Serce  umerlo, pokorilos,

                             Pokorilos xolodnim vetram !


                             Ti ego ne sogrees rukami!

                             I molitvi uze ni k cemu .

                             Vsio to sto bilo mezdu nami

                             Ne nuzno bilo ni tebe, ni mne, nikomu !


                             Ja znaju cias nastanet

                             I serce mojo oziviot,

                             No tolko ne tvoimi rukami

                             Verniotsia k zizni ono!


P.S. xotia uze sem mesiacev proslo s tex por kogda ja ponila ,kak silno ja osibalas v tebe



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07/22/2005 - Без названия

Posted by *********
vot pocemu ti menia izbegaes,durocka moja !
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08/ 9/2006 -

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