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12 October 2017 - the presence of layers on the outside or seams

The heel uses a soft hand-feel fabric with generous padding fills inside, leaving nothing to complain about the heel fit. And if you needed extra grip, then the heel-lock eyelet is now back on popular demand.

The Pegasus comes in four widths, which is an improvement over the time when even a lowly 2-E was a luxury. Today, Nike is at par with New Balance when it comes to the availability http://www.fanaticrunningwear.com/air-max-90-essential-c-1_137.html of widths in certain models.

In standard D width, the forefoot fit is in the sweet spot with no issues. As a matter of fact, ever since Nike adopted the engineered mesh-sleeve combo, localized fit pressure has become a thing of the past. Otherwise, the presence of layers on the outside or seams inside usually resulted in isolated pressure hot spots.

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