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Fashion designer 'conned people into buying bogus Oscar tickets to meet Julia Roberts'

Fashion designer 'conned people into buying bogus Oscar tickets to meet Julia Roberts'

Alvin Loy, 50, denies one charge of obtaining services by deception and four of fraud

A fashion designer conned “star struck” investors into buying non-existent trips to the Oscars where they were told they would meet Julia Roberts, a court heard.

Alvin Loy, 50, also made bogus claims to get them to invest hundreds of thousands of pounds in an “almost imaginary” haute couture fashion business but frittered away their money in casinos, Birmingham Crown Court was told.

Loy initially ran a moderately successful business and records showed he worked for Laura Ashley but he also lied about working for Christain Dior, said Andrew Wilkins, prosecuting.

“He made out he was successful and had connections with stars in the fashion world and world of film,” he said.

The court heard Loy re-mortgaged his home in 2006 and was given £250,000 by Northern Rock after falsely asserting he was still in full-time employment with Laura Ashley and using a bogus employee number.

When attempts were being made to repossess his house in 2011 he claimed to be working for another company and submitted forged bank statements and pay slips, said Mr Wilkins.

In November 2009 he met Dr Sohan Nagra at a charity auction, said Mr Wilkins. “He was beguiled by Loy and Dr Nagra paid £12,000 in the charity auction for items that Loy had donated, a trip for two to the Oscar ceremonies in Los Angeles.

“Dr Nagra no doubt thought that was something that money can not buy.

“Of course the reality is that tickets to the Oscar ceremony is something that money can not buy.”

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