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The Bucks are also in hot pursuit of NFL 18 Coins

09:19 AM, 11 August 2017 .. 0 comments .. Link

The Bucks are also in hot pursuit of free agent shooter Kyle Korver, reportedly offering him a NFL 18 Coins three-year, $20 million deal.Tyreke wants to go to New Orleans, or maybe he doesn'tIs Tyreke Evans ready to move on from the Sacramento Kings and start a new life as a member of the New Orleans Pelicans? It depends who you ask.ESPN's Marc


Stein and Jeff Goodman reported the shooting guard was ready to commit to the four-year, $44 million offer sheet the Pelicans gave him earlier this week, but those close to Evans told Dave Carmichael the report is false. If the 23-year-old Evans does indeed want to leave the


Kings, he'd be joining a young and talented Pelicans nucleus. New Orleans completed a shocking draft day deal with the 76ers for point guard Jrue Holiday, and already has Eric Gordon and 2012 No. 1 overall pick Anthony Davis installed in the starting lineup. Gordon and Evans may seem a bit redundant, but


Evans spent time at small forward for the Kings last season and Gordon is notorious for his regular injuries.There is one complication for Evans' move to New Orleans: the Pelicans would first have to clear the salary of big man Robin Lopez. The deadline for Lopez's buyout is Thursday.Does New Orleans release a quality, affordable big man and risk Sacramento matching the offer sheet to Evans?


It's one of the more interesting scenarios of the free agency period.Manu is staying in San AntonioManu Ginobili might be aging, but the veteran shooting guard isn't done just yet. Ginobili has agreed to a two-year, $14 million contact that will keep him in San Antonio until he's 38 years old.Ginobili averaged 11.8 points per game for the Spurs last season, his lowest mark since his rookie season in 2003.


He still had a huge Game 5 in the NBA Finals that gave San Antonio a 3-2 lead on the Miami Heat, and it's evident the Spurs still believe he has something left in the Buy madden mobile coins tank.But is the price too high? SB Nation's Mike Prada, who is grading every free agent deal in this StorySteam, believes the value of the contract is passable for one reason.

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The Bucks are also in hot pursuit of NFL 18 Coins
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