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Application of Laser Technology

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Laser TV is not only have their own table, in the content and the current smart TV no difference. Because the use of laser TV is the TV system, and even many TV brands are also launched laser TV. Their LCD TV and laser TV use the system is similar to the same resources to provide. So use the 2000mw laser pointer TV without worrying about no content. With the gradual enrichment of network resources, laser TV online can see a lot of high-definition content, the latest TV series, movies and entertainment programs can use the laser TV to watch. Past the projector needs a separate device, connect the player or a variety of boxes can see a large, this way OUT out. Laser TV is to see to see, do not worry about no see.

First, not the same place is the light source, laser light source life is very long, easily tens of thousands of hours to laser TV life comparable to LCD TV. Can be said that a laser TV use a three or five years is not a problem, no longer worry about the problem of light, this life cycle has been enough, after all, not all families have to use a TV for 10 years 20 years. Second, the laser TV is a reflection of the ultra-short focus of the technology of the projector, this ultra-short focal length 3000mw laser pointer TV can be achieved within 0.5 meters distance of 100 inches of the screen. In other words, laser TV can be placed in the TV cabinet on the projection of 100 inches, in the past the projector hoisting in the middle of the living room situation gone.

But laser weapons have advantages and disadvantages. For example, in the rain or dust weather, its combat effectiveness will be greatly reduced. The development of laser weapons in the United States, mainly facing the choice of high-energy laser weapons twists and turns, a variety of key technologies have yet to be overcome, research and development costs overdraft progress delay, laser weapons to be miniaturization and other issues, the existence of these problems is also greatly limited The development of burning laser pointer weapons has become a major obstacle to the installation of laser weapons.

Laser TV is able to achieve 100-inch screen, but the screen brightness enough? Brightness is not enough, the screen size is large, but the display is difficult to guarantee. So the brightness is not high, is a laser TV challenge a foundation of LCD. Now the laser TV brightness is basically 3000 lumens. But the rapid development of high power laser pointer light technology is expected in the second half of the release of new products, many began to configure a 4000 or even 5000 lumens of brightness. This brightness and then with the anti-light curtain, even if the lights to watch, the effect is also very to force. Laser TV brightness breakthrough so that this product no longer appear during the day can not be used at night must be dark paint to show the situation. So the brightness of the breakthrough is always a main line of laser TV, it is gratifying that the current laser light source brightness breakthrough faster. It is clear that the development of laser TV is not subject to brightness and stagnation.

In fact, laser weapons are a directional energy weapon. According to different combat purposes, can be divided into tactical laser weapons and strategic laser weapons two categories. Which tactical laser weapons is the use of 5000mw laser pointer as energy, as conventional weapons, as the enemy directly to the enemy, tank aircraft, such as killing damage, combat distance of 20km or so. The strategic laser weapons is more like a "big kill device", can attack thousands of miles away from the intercontinental missiles, but also attack the reconnaissance satellites in space and communications satellites. It can be said that high-base high-energy laser weapons is an ideal weapon to seize the advantages of space, so the world's major military powers are spending money to research and development.

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