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The following describes the advantages of semiconductor surface emitting lasers, structure, application, the current situation and other basic conditions. The advantages of semiconductor surface emitting lasers represent the comparison of semiconductor surface emitting lasers with side luminescent lasers. Both lasers are laminated on a semiconductor substrate, including a semiconductor epitaxial growth layer including a light emitting layer. In the side-emitting type semiconductor, a light beam is emitted from the crystal surface obtained when the semiconductor substrate is split. In the surface emitting most powerful laser pointer, a circular beam is emitted from the surface of the semiconductor epitaxial layer. It is for the original side of the luminescence of the laser left a variety of problems, showing a completely resolved prospects. The following is the advantages of surface emitting lasers.

A connection between a device such as a computer or an electronic switch or between its internal boards is used, and a large number of channel electrical wiring is used. In these electrical wiring, if the signal transmission speed of each channel becomes an order of magnitude of Gbit / s, the crosstalk of the phase can not be ignored. In addition, in the use of electrical transmission, the basic consumption. Power, but also a problem. The so-called optical interconnection technology that converts these electrical wiring into optical wiring has recently revealed head and feet. Especially in the 10 channels around the channel transmission speed of lGbit / s parallel light mutual module needs to increase. The specifications of the module in recent years have been sold overseas. As this side-by-side burning laser light source, there are now two kinds: one is a light source using a surface-emitting laser array; the other is a side-luminescent laser array. Both in a low-priced competitive state.

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The laser directly writes the lines on the substrate to the linear raster scan line spacing of the accuracy and controls the writing process of the experimental error, both with the experimental conditions such as photoresist properties of the treatment conditions including the substrate, the front bake, Thick scanning speed of light intensity written to the environment and the development of such a link, each link is not good, will bring the error by adjusting the light intensity, scanning speed and development of the relationship can weaken the impact of proximity effects; Of the substrate as the base, the basic elimination of the standing wave and optimization, so that the development of the embossed photoreceptor has a linear relationship between the impact of the geodesic into the spot of the quality of the grid and the cross-line 4 Conclusion and the use of 100mw laser pointer direct write device Cartesian coordinate system for single-line and multi-line characterization process, through the use of off-grid method to successfully write the line width of 9.36 / m grating and division version, the experimental results and the theoretical gap of less than 10%. The analysis of light intensity, especially in the case of out-of-focus, has a great deal of guidance on the control of the write linewidth. The experimental results show that it is entirely feasible to write a very wide line using the out-of-focus method , For the manufacture of optical components laid the experimental basis.

Laser welding process of the results of the nickel-based alloy nickel-based tungsten carbide and nickel-based tungsten carbide rare earth alloy laser cladding layer of the organization, the structure of the room temperature and high temperature hardness, corrosion resistance at room temperature and high temperature wear resistance corrosion wear performance The quantitative relationship between the corrosion wear rate, the dynamic wear rate and the dynamic corrosion rate was established on the basis of the above research, and the laser welding was applied to the mass production of the 200mw green laser cladding layer. Exhaust valve tooling fixture and automatic control device using the device on the car engine valve disc surface surface strengthening, finished rate of 98.5% The main technical performance indicators: 1. Wear resistance than GCr15 steel increased by 3 to 10 times, The corrosion resistance is 6 times higher than that of 1Cr18Ni9Ti, and the corrosion resistance is about 4 times higher than that of 2Cr13. The work is carried out: a circularly symmetrical two-dimensional pattern is depicted on a planar substrate; a circularly symmetric pattern is engraved on the curved substrate; a diffractive optical element with continuous surface relief is made on a planar substrate.

A luminescent laser at the research stage, such as a light source for a laser printer. Now the laser printer is the side of the luminescence of the laser beam emitted by mechanical vibration mirror or multi-faceted mirror separated, and thus printed. If this part of the structure into large-scale surface-emitting lasers 30mw green laser array, direct projection, then the printing speed can leap to improve the structure is also greatly simplified, which will revolution. Semiconductor surface-emitting lasers Current situation With the oscillation of different wavelengths, semiconductor surface-emitting lasers research and development situation is also very different.

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