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Femtosecond Laser Driven Metal Wire Waveguide Helical Undulator

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In the electromagnetic spectrum, one of the frequency range between microwave and infrared, terahertz frequency band, has been in a mysterious veil. The exposure of terahertz waves to the public is far less than the radio waves used for communication, the microwaves in life, the X rays used in medical treatment, and the visible light that makes the eyes see the world. However, as soon as it was discovered, terahertz radiation has been regarded as one of the ten technologies to change the future".

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Terahertz radiation can effectively overcome the shortcomings of other bands in imaging, medical, communications and other applications. However, at present, there are still many bottlenecks in the application of THz wave, one of which is that it is difficult to obtain strong terahertz radiation source. At present, the most effective method to produce strong THz radiation is twist and modulation undulator in the periodic arrangement of magnet formed by electron blue laser pointer beam in conventional accelerators in generating high brightness coherent radiation. However, the traditional linear accelerator and electronic storage ring device has a large volume and high cost. The development of a new generation of radiation sources has been the goal of the scientific community.

Recently, the State Key Laboratory of Laser Physics, Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, proposed a new concept of femtosecond laser-driven wire-wave solenoids, and conducted experiments with Nankai University's Institute of Modern Optics for the first time to use this new wave Program to achieve a strong THz radiation output.

In the experiment, the use of a beam of ultra-femtosecond femtosecond intense laser irradiation with the hair wire diameter of the wire target, through the strong interaction of the best burning laser pointer plasma to produce directional high-energy electron emission, due to the charge separation effect, Resulting in a very strong radial transient electric field; a large number of high-energy electrons emitted along the direction of the wire are guided by a radial electric field, transmitted along the wire and subjected to periodic helical motion - the equivalent of an electron beam in a micro The spiral motion in the undulator, and the non-linear amplification of the strong THz radiation output, the conversion efficiency of more than 1%.

In this work, the electron beam energy is about 100 keV and the emitter cycle is about 650 μm. The researchers changed the intensity of the radial electric field by changing the diameter of the wire to change the wavelift period and obtain the tunable strong terahertz radiation. By changing the length of the wire, the terahertz radiation intensity was observed with the transmission distance Of the amplification effect, the magnification of more than 10 times. This kind of all-optical micro-wave oscillator is a new type of undulator, which is produced by the same 300mw laser pointer at the same time. The wave device is expected to be further developed. In strong THz radiation, new light source and free Electronic laser and other related fields are widely used.

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