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According to reports, laser fusion is the use of strong laser ignition deuterium tritium fuel caused by the process of thermonuclear fusion, it is an important way to achieve controllable thermonuclear fusion. The latest progress comes from the US-based Megaz National Ignition Facility (NIF), which announced in early 2014 that the fusion energy released by the fuel core for the first time exceeded the heat absorbed by the hot spot fuel, but the fusion energy obtained from the fuel was " Nearly two orders of magnitude difference.

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Based on the deep analysis of the key problems in NIF fusion ignition, the new laser fusion technology is explored, and a new scheme of laser driven spherical convergent plasma fusion is proposed: the inner surface of the spherical shell containing the fusion material is directly ablated by the strong 300mw laser pointer, The high-temperature expanded high-temperature plasma, which is converged by the center of the sphere, is transformed into ionic energy after the collision of the core, and then the fusion reaction is induced. The laser-driven spherical convergent plasma fusion does not require a high compression shrinkage ratio, and a nearly one billion degree of fusion plasma fireball can be obtained at the center of the ball. It has the advantages of high energy coupling efficiency and stable yield.

The laser itself is a relatively simple and easy to control device, if it produces the beam into a very fine light beam, you can cut; defocus can be welded; and then defocus a little, can be heat treatment. The use of laser processing, not only processing speed, high efficiency, low cost, and to avoid the mold or tool replacement, shorten the production preparation time cycle. Easy to achieve continuous processing, brightest laser pointer beam transposition time is short, improve the production efficiency. Can be a variety of workpiece alternately installed. When a workpiece is machined, the finished parts can be removed and the workpiece to be machined is installed to achieve parallel machining, reduce installation time and increase the laser processing time.

The laser beam is driven by direct drive and guide. The laser can be used for rotation, tilt, up and down movement around the movement, the workpiece can be processed on the vertical surface and complex surface; and direct drive without air, high precision. The combination of 1000mw laser pointer control and robots, with the robot to move or multi-axis way to flip the parts under the beam, can be processed with some traditional methods of processing more difficult parts. Take the multi-level rapid response of the anti-collision measures, beam guide device contact the workpiece, the movement system immediately shut down, so that the system is not destroyed, to avoid the expensive maintenance; collision can quickly and simply resume work, reducing the collision caused by downtime Time, improve the processing efficiency and reliability of the laser system.

Laser head can be free to move, the current laser head has reached five sports axis, even if the workpiece is fixed in the processing, can still achieve the processing of complex parts, and as long as the use of mobile rotary table, you can process larger parts than the shaft The The best burning laser pointer beam is controlled by auto focus. The laser system linear axis can be positioned along the optical axis or any axis to keep the beam focused; the focus position is accurate at any time and the travel is unlimited. In the case of auto focus control and lens servo control, the focus lens in the lens servo system is independent of the movement of the laser system, so the focus position can not be determined.

With the further study of the interaction between lasers and materials, laser processing technology will also be widely used in flexible manufacturing systems. The flexibility of the laser processing system mainly refers to the laser processing head can be flexible to guide the laser beam to reach the parts to be processed position. Dimensional laser processing, high-power laser three-dimensional processing is the future direction of the direction of development of blue laser pointer processing, in order to achieve the flexibility of laser processing, three-dimensional laser must be in the direction of the laser processing machine, Using motion optical system. High-power three-dimensional YAG laser processing system is usually used robot (or robot) with optical fiber for beam transmission, by the robot holding the laser head to complete a variety of movement, the laser is transmitted through the optical fiber to the laser processing head, to reach the workpiece surface, which In the processing system, the beam transmission and focusing characteristics are not affected by the machining position.

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