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How to delete the old OS when reinstalling Windows Vista

Posted on 12 September 2017 at 12:14 PM - Post Comment

A reader found that after reinstalling Windows Vista his laptop won't boot without going via the Windows Boot Manager. Here's how to solve the problem.

QUESTION I've just had to reinstall Vista on my son's laptop using the recovery disc provided by the manufacturer. All went well. However, when the computer is started up it now displays the Boot Manager and you must select Microsoft Windows Vista to proceed to the login screen. How can I bypass the Boot Manager? Redsusan

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HELPROOM ANSWER It sounds as though you have the remnants of the previous Windows installation still lurking in your System Startup options. When Windows detects more than one startup option, it pauses at the Boot Manager for you to make your selection.

You can disable the PC from displaying the Boot Manager by changing the system settings. Hold down the Windows key, then press the Pause key (usually located near the top right of your keyboard). This will bring up the System Properties window.

Select 'Advanced System Settings' from the list of options on the left, then click Settings under 'Startup and Recovery'.

In the Startup and Recovery dialog box that appears, deselect the option for 'Time to display list of operating systems' under System startup. Click Ok.

This will configure the boot loader to automatically load the default operating system at startup. If, during startup, you have to select an operating system other than the default one, make sure you select that option in the screenshot shown above before clicking Ok.

The next time you start up the computer, it will boot straight into Windows without displaying the Boot Manager. If the system doesn't boot up properly, you can undo your changes by pressing F8 as soon as the system starts to bring up the Boot Manager.

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